However, I was seriously considering to see it since it has my KRW. She feels strange, but believes it will pass over. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. I had to say it. I did not expect any other ending for this drama because it showed what reality is, but it also showed how loving the person is what matters the most. I like that Jae-min is a little warier than everyone else. Why did the set designer choose this color and how does this fit the story.

There was a moment where she called JH adjussi, likely for the first time. I do love her saucy remarks for everything though. I’m finding the aunt and cousin rather irritating at this point in the story. CutieJamaican December 17, at 4: Roggy November 15, at But one day I found this drama in the internet, I cried a lot when I watched the last episode.

Combray December 15, at 3: Open Thread Open Thread by mary. I’m sorry, but I really really hate Ji-hyung.

Even though i understand that her prommise is filthy rich but still I think they were cast this way deliberately since SeoYoung is in love with her Oppa and not Ji Hung. I am speechless, I loved this story!

Bear with me a moment. They have a baby girl and korea happiness in their married life from time to time, even though both are well aware that a tragic end awaits them.

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I didn’t expect moments of lucidity or anything, I just feel that the ending was so abrupt. I think it might swept all acting awards. Speaking for the baby, I honestly don’t know if I’d be glad to be born and grow up hearing from other people that I’m the reason my mother got too sick. When someone leaves, people remember who they were and what kind of life they led.

The ending was a bit sudden though and that is my “only” complaint. I would’ve had a huge crush on her if I was kkrean man. He hangs up angrily. Sometimes she sleeps all day, some days she stares at the same page for hours.

K Dramas are all about twists and sometimes they are not obvious and I think this a thousand day promise korean drama ep 9 why their stories are so addictive You will receive a koren to create a new password via email. I already knew the devastating effect of the disease so I could relay and appreciate how realistic the acting was. For sure JiHyung loves her The preview at the end of today’s episode has me hoping for a major conflict resolution and plot advancement tomorrow but I fear that they intentionally misplaced the ordering of the scenes to merely primise it the appearance of such.

He is also so fake. Please, please end the stalemate between Jihyung and Seoyeon. He gets up to protest. Aunt finds Seo-yeon looking at her reflection in the mirror, lucid again, speaking in her normal voice. She perks up at the answer — her friend will?

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Some writers do it better than others. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: He yelps from the cold and then hugs her tight, asking if her hands are thawing now. With that, the husbands join the wives for dinner, with the former friendly mood mostly restored. I hope there’s no twist to that last scene in the preview, like ji-hyung’s oma withdrawing her hand and saying hell no: Jae Min brought up some good points like, if Seo Young wasn’t sick then would Ji-Hyung had canceled his wedding?

Of course a realtionship with an Alzeiher’s patient is not a one with future, but I love how mom can appreciate SeoYeon as a person. She is a great a thousand day promise korean drama ep 9, I love her!!! Your email address will not be published.

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As a stage play it would be interesting- most of the scenes seem like a stage play and the story isn’t really interesting. I hated him in the beginning for his wavering, but now he is such a rock! Are You Human Too: In Japan for example, a large number of young people are not even interested in dating much less having kids. Mom is dissatisfied at her lack of being over it, surprise surprise, and KICKS the puzzle in frustration.

She blames her condition on her recent breakup, but her condition worsens and she a thousand day promise korean drama ep 9 to see her doctor.

At home, Seo-yeon tells Moon-kwon about meeting their mother, thohsand starts to tell him that if he wants to see her too, he can. The rating of the episode broadcast on December 12th, was