Retrieved 12 July Upon traveling to the Southern spirit portal, Raava possess Wan again. Retrieved November 1, Retrieved November 8, When Asami goes to cheer Mako up, his apartment is raided by the police and they find evidence, planted by Varrick, that he was responsible for the thefts from Future Industries, resulting in his second arrest. He said that Studio Mir initially chose to focus on animating the less challenging The Boondocks rather than the second season of The Legend of Korra because of the exhaustion brought about by their work on the first season.

In the Fire Nation, the amnesiac Korra ends up on a beach. The premiere episode screened in advance at Comic-Con was positively reviewed by Max Nicholson of IGN , who appreciated the setup of the overarching conflict and the humorous writing. Retrieved June 5, According to the series’ creators, about half of Book Two takes place in Republic City and the other half takes place in other areas of the world. Michael Dante DiMartino Story by: Wan realizes that he brought destruction to the world. Retrieved 30 June When Korra’s uncle and tribal chief Unalaq repels an angry dark spirit, Korra apprentices herself to him.

2 A Leaf in the Wind

First official footage revealed from season 2! This page was last edited on 27 Mayat In the time where humans lived on the fhe of lion turtles to protect themselves from the spirits, Wan and his friends live in poverty and hunger.

The Last Airbender video game soundtrack Zuko’s Story. Kya and Bumi quickly succumb to the fog and Tenzin nearly does as well; but is visited by a vision of Aang, by whose advice Tenzin temporarily clears the fog and frees his relatives. Retrieved 21 October Spirits began airing on Nickelodeon in the U. Archived from the original on August 18, Korra turns to Varrick for help, who agrees to give her his personal battleship.

Korra fails to persuade President Raiko to send troops in support of the Southern rebellion. During the performance, Bolin foils an apparent attempt to kidnap President Raiko. Retrieved November 19, Tim Hedrick Story by: Air — initially conceived as a standalone episode miniseries — Nickelodeon decided to order fourteen additional episodes [3] to round out a standard episode avatar the legend of korra episode 2 season 1.

The Legend of Korra Episodes

New characters include Tenzin’s older sister Kya, a waterbender; Tenzin’s non-bender older brother Bumi; Korra’s paternal uncle Unalaq; and her first cousins, Desna and Eska. Bolin visits Mako in prison, and Mako tries to warn his brother against Varrick.

Retrieved 9 August Retrieved November 1, Mako, back in the police od, tries to track down the culprits while Varrick produces anti-Northern propaganda avatar the legend of korra episode 2 season 1 starring Bolin. Retrieved 20 June Saeson portal Animation portal Television portal. Wan and Raava fail to stop the war between humans and spirits, though Wan cannot resist the power of the spirit and control all elements.

She is rescued by Irohwho teaches her to control her emotions and tells her to help a young phoenix -like spirit return home. TV by the Numbers.

Archived lorra the original on April 29, The Last Airbender video game soundtrack Zuko’s Story. Retrieved October 1, Disbelieving him, Bolin goes to the finale of his “movers” series, which President Raiko is also attending.

After sealing Vaatu in the Tree of Time, Wan closes both portals and the spirits return to their own world.

Six months after the defeat of Amon and the Equalists, Korra believes she has mastered airbending, Mako works as a policeman, Bolin fares poorly in pro-bending with the new “Fire Ferrets”, and Asami tries to keep Future Industries intact.

Retrieved November 26, In other episodw Wikiquote.

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Retrieved November 5, Mako and Bolin convince Eska and Desna to free them; but Korra is overpowered by Unalaq, who destroys Raava and Korra’s connection avatar the legend of korra episode 2 season 1 the past Avatars, knocking Korra out.

He was also surprised to see the return episodw Iroh of Avatar: With Raava as a conduit, Wan travels to other lion turtles to gain control of AirWater and Earthand prepare for the ‘ Harmonic Convergence ‘, in which Vaatu and Raava will battle for the fate of the world.

Book 1it focuses more on spiritual concepts and themes.