Salman says now cargo boy time, cargo devil comes there, he shows menu card of restaurant, Salman says in this season bigg boss was offered food, he says lets see the video. Minissha says to Puneet that we have seen inmates in tv and now I am understanding perspective of all inmates. Upen raises his name, Arya raises Sonali’s name. Aisha 10th Nov – Salman says I did step with my pant in song dabang, Govinda can do that without touching pant, song dabang plays, Govinda moves his eyes and dances with face expressions only. Salman says that half season has passed and one group is clearly breaking pointing P3G , Puneet is freed from jail and Diandra was worst as captain, she has broken every record of bad captaincy, all are involve in breaking and all are going bad except me. Praneet says thing was that only Gautam’s name was dicussed and we wanted to discuss other names for captaincy, it was to complete the election, Puneet says that was wrong, why did they not say at time of election, Salman says this is correct, Salman says that Sonali you said that you don’t want re-election, you must be tired?

Karishma and Gautam plays the game, Karishma says Gautam is ugly person. Salman ask who is the person who cannot win bigg boss? Ali is silent and in tears, Salman says what will priyanka chopra say? Sophie says if I wanna come in house then what qualities should I have? Salman did good job. Video shows Gautam romancing with Sonali and dancing with her.

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Gautam says to Puneet in living area that they are creating issue, I will not tolerate, Puneet says I don’t know. Aisha 10th Nov – Salman says lets see where is minissha and Puneet. Salman says I hosted five season of bigg boss but I didn’t see so much nono-cooperation with a captain, this is scary that they are not obeying captain, Gautam is trying to make his image better but he is not able to turn around hi image in house.

Karishma and Gautam plays the game, Karishma says Gautam is bigg boss 8 2nd nov 2014 full episode person. Salman says then ring task for captaincy started, Praneet says I wanted Pritham to be captain, majority was supporting him, Salman says now I understand, Pritham wanted to be captain, all wanted Pritham to be captain and Gautam became captain so all are angry on him, Praneet says its not like that, Salman says that people say a third person came in between two brothers, I just wanna say that two brothers were already separated, Dimpy just accelerated it, what kind of vulnerable friendship was that which was broken by a lady, Salman ask Pritham why did he bigg boss 8 2nd nov 2014 full episode the ring?

Sophie says Sushant is looking stressed, Salman says yes, call ends.

Is Nigaar Khan sister of Gauhar Khan new wild card entry in big boss house????? Welcome, Login to your account.

Salman says heads off to their talent. Upen raises Karishma’s name, Arya says I am deciding, he raises Dimpy’s name, Salman ask on whose eviction you will be happy? Dimpy says that Arya is weaker in all nominated people, Arya sits on danger seat, Salman ask Dimpy what perception you had about inmates when you saw them on Tv, is it same now when you are in house?

Salman says bigg boss 8 2nd nov 2014 full episode we cant do anything with inmates as format is like ful.

Like 0 Dislike 0. Ali goes in garden while in bedroom.

Bigg Boss Season 8 2nd November 2014 Watch Online Episode HD

Sushant ask Sonali what happened to you? Praneet is not gonna eliminate!! Aisha 4th Nov – nvo Excellent Stuff Big Boss, made both groups very uncomfortable in last 2 episodes, Weekend ka Episove was bigg boss 8 2nd nov 2014 full episode real vaar by Salman and the trick to disturb the big group has really worked well.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Pritham says to Diandra that we asked Arya who is provoking him against Puneet, he didn’t take name but when we asked that is diandra doing it? Jay 3rd Nov – 9: Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Last updated Nov 15, Ali is silent and in tears, Salman says what will priyanka chopra say? Call is connected to house.

Sonali says i am with tissue box because of you, Sushant ask her to nor cry, Salman ask ffull will take kitchen hold from Karishma, Karishma says take it, Salman says ohh, she is so generous, Sushant says Renee can take kitchen, Salmna with whome Renee will fight first, Sushant says either Diandra or Sonali. Later Sonali is bigg boss 8 2nd nov 2014 full episode roties, Renee says you are not making fine, then dimpy comes, Sonali ask them to not disturb her, she makes roties everyday.

Throw gautam out…He is dam irritating…. A password will be e-mailed to you. Salman ask who is epissode person who cannot win bigg boss?

Gautam says episoee Dimpy that go out and see what drama they are doing, I know they are doing this deliberately, Dimpy comes in garden and ask Pritham the matter, Pritham says who are you? Keep it up Aisha. Bt sometyms I find Gautam irritating….

Last updated Nov 9, Welcome, Login to your account. All laughs, Salman ask about ali, choto says like his head, his talks are buttery too, choto says the loudspeaker of this house these days are Praneet, satyajeet says upen’s group has got a name from fans bigg boss 8 2nd nov 2014 full episode is Gangs epiosde bedroompur, they says you have also got a other name that is DAKUS robbersits abbreviation for: