Ironically, given his name, Courage is a genuine coward, but still goes to great lengths to protect his owners. Mecha Courage is a robotic version of Courage that was created by Di Lung in an attempt to prove that he has created a dog that is superior to Courage in every way. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist”, a role which he reprises in several episodes. However, Courage escaped from this fate and was adopted by Muriel. Courage escapes and is chased around the lab.

Not the scariest, but definitely the biggest one you want to punch in the gut. Anyway, this time when the undead horsemen return, they start chopping heads off. One could say this about Courage ever reuniting with his parents. That would be more than enough to destroy a kid on the inside. When the Bagges accidentally run him over with their truck and injure him, he is accepted into their home. This two-disc release includes all 13 episodes from the second season including the pilot episode “The Chicken from Outer Space”.

The Fall TV Preview”. Eustace then considers it a threat coudage decides to chop the tree down and Courage has to defend it for three days in order to cure Muriel.

Courage’s Parents

This site uses cookies. The Librarian appears only in the episode “Wrath of the Librarian”. The Bad Empress made a cameo appearance in “Aqua Farmer”. Dr Zalost then finds out that Ra has missed a few people and follows the truck to the farm.

It really made me tear up. Conway the Contaminationist is an elderly man claiming to be years old, and who also claims that fowardly filthy environment is “better” and “healthier” than a clean one “Out with the good air, in with the bad”. In the episode in which they appear, the windmill breaks, and the Vandals appear as wraiths to come and destroy the farmhouse even though there were other instances where the windmill was damaged throughout the show and the Vandals did not appear.

The vandals had come to despise him, but he kept them at bay by carving magical symbols on the blades of the windmill. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Frith is a man with a thick moustache and parehts eyebrows who appears in several roles throughout the series.

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Why does courage care so much for old man and woman when they treat him almost completely like shit? He is Courage’s nemesis and the show’s most recurring antagonist, though Muriel and Eustace consistently fail to recognize him.

The Cajun Fox is a fox obsessed with cooking. He gets arrested by the police in the end, however, and Muriel gets her concert. He kidnaps Muriel in order to make a stew, using her as courage the cowardly dog episode with his parents final ingredient, but he ends up falling into the pot of stew himself when Courage falls on top of him and Muriel just as he is about to throw Muriel into the pot, making a “Cajun fox eisode instead.

When Courage and the Bagges are sent on a mission to prevent the Sun from burning out, Bacterius attempts to sabotage their mission by firstly infecting and controlling Muriel’s mind, and then using her to destroy their spaceship.

Views Read Edit View history. When the Bagges accidentally run him over with their truck and injure him, he is accepted into courage the cowardly dog episode with his parents home. However, some vocals and sounds of grunting, laughing, screaming and catchphrases from Wilson have been used while Anderson was recording. He is now a mad scientistwho performs strange experiments on humans with homemade cosmetic productsbecause he believes that he needs to exact revenge on courwge for what they do to animals.

Cowardlh Alien — Scooby-Doo! He ends up ripping paents Eustace’s head and tries to destroy Courage but is then blown up in his space ship when a rocket blasts into it.

Remembrance of Courage Past/Perfect

Courage witnesses that Bunny is being held against her will so he helps her to escape from Mad Dog. They both leave on the train and at the end Kitty admits that not all dogs are evil. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist “. The Hunchback of Nowhere is a strange and enigmatic character who has made only one appearance in the first season, in an episode of doog same name. In appearance he is a short, facially-deformed little man ihs is hunchbacked, carrying with him courage the cowardly dog episode with his parents series of bells.

Eustace wears glasses identical in appearance to Muriel’s, and his brown hat shields his courage the cowardly dog episode with his parents head. Eventually they Bagges fpisode to fix the windmill thus restoring peace and banishing the Vandals forever.

Two cat grave robbers steal a slab decorated with images of King Ramses and pictures corresponding to each of his three curses from his tomb and flee to Nowhere, but Ramses appears and demands the return of his slab.

This episode is based on the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Saddest part for me was when courge lost his parents: The look is weird and ethereal, just like the show itself. Retrieved April 13, Courage races to save Muriel, but Tarantella grabs him and locks him in the trunk. In the end he manages to save her by sewing quilts from the memory quilt box to remind Muriel of her former life.

She is also the widow of Icket Bagge. In ancient times, the baker served cookies to the Mayan princess until she falsely accused him of stealing cookies and selling them to courage the cowardly dog episode with his parents for money, but the thief was really her trusted royal poobah.

The Cruel Vet is a veterinarian sith for separating Courage from his parents as a puppy.