Caroline refuses to dare with her body to avoid resulting vulgar on her shot stating she did enough on set. Anisia, Giorgia and Marianna land in bottom three. Not a nice comment for the top two. Manuela and Lorena land in the bottom two for their lackluster performances, but is Manuela who is sent home for producing another disappointing result and not progressing at all. The viewers also criticized the production for focusing too much on clashes in the daily episodes and for trying to arise tensions among the girls in the judging studio by showing them videos of themselves talking behind one another’s backs. The three finalists take part in their individual editorial beauty shoots, each one portraying a different mood. Elga and Lorena prove to be the best ones but Lorena is chosen as the winner and can get a visit from her mom.

The contestants must pose in a building under construction wearing leather lingerie while holding flamethrowers. It was reported that about 1, aspiring models have applied for castings. The three finalists Anastasia, Anisia and Sabrina face their ultimate photoshoot, an editorial for “A” Magazine. Most of the girls are criticized for their bad or boring walks and wrong looks. At panel, Erin recieved praise for her strong performance over all, while Sakura stated that she disliked Jennifer’s portfolio. Lorena is praised for her walk, although found a bit aggressive. Erin picked Altai to come with her on a shopping spree on Walmart. After the runway show the judges make their final decision.

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For their weekly challenge the girls were driven to a car dump, there Michael explained they would be eipsode on a haulaway wearing eco-chic flowy dresses designed by Leila Hafzi, the models would also be displaying floral ornaments on their heads. The girls have a chat with Drew. Later the girls arrive in their now home and they find beds and get comfortable, nexr with each others. After getting prepared, the girls show their improvements in their walks, with some of them failing to impress.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. In the studio Sabrina italia next top model cycle 3 episode 1 praises by the enxt for her presence in the shot, so does Diletta for her result. Archived from the original on March 16, By breaking the rules they are punished by Michael and cannot take part in the weekly reward challenge where all the other contestants can hug their loved ones come to Milan to meet them.

Retrieved March 21, Most of the girls are criticized for their bad or boring walks and wrong looks. epiosde

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Sabrina is not liked by Nadege who defines her classless in what she does. The girls leave Milan and reach Genova, there they sail on a cruise on the Mediterranean sea. A fourth cycle was aired in Spring with a return to the original format with no more public in the studio.

In the judging session Lorena gets compliments for her strong look, Tiziana produces a good picture despite her insecurity, Elga is told to have lucked in her shot. The girls are driven to Palazzo Clerici, an historical building of Milan.

Each season of Italia’s Next Top Model features aspiring models and airs in episodes. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. At the judging panel Elga is tkp the most natural, but the majority of the aspiring models is reprimanded for failing in the task, in particular Laura, Lorena and Manuela. Due to the introduction of these changes, the weekly reward challenges were not shown italia next top model cycle 3 episode 1 the weekly episodes italia next top model cycle 3 episode 1 but placed in the daily videos aired during day-time.

Miami — Victoria’s Episodr — Facebook”. However, Italia’s Next Top Model developed features on its own: Athina, Giada, and Veronica V. Anisia redeems herself with her picture and manages to deliver a striking glance and an impressive pose. Archived from the original on February 6, Archived from the original on July 17, The number of contestants was also increased to 14, after being maintained at 13 since cycle 5.

Please help improve it or discuss nex issues on the talk page. This article has multiple issues. Agnese and Elena are placed in the bottom two and Agnese is eliminated for failing to portray her personality onto her photos and not putting effort into the photoshoot. Archived from the original on December 2, However, they found themselves locked out, and so started lying around in the sun like bitches. Back in Italia next top model cycle 3 episode 1, at panel, the girls are ultimately tested italis their runway walks before evaluation.

This gop challenge sees the girls facing a photo shoot where the 11 contestants must pose as actresses styled in s look to create a horror movie poster where the aspiring models must show how they can express fear on set. Anastasia is told by Michael to be less self-centered while other judges find her extremely refined and involved in the interaction with her male partner. Elga is the most natural in front of the video camera, Tiziana still shows shyness and does good iyalia not thinking to be taped.

Promotional photograph of the italia next top model cycle 3 episode 1 of cycle 3 of Italia’s Next Top Model.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The show is mainly taped in Milanone of the most important capitals of fashion where the girls stay during the competition.

Natasha mail announces the girls they will be taken to the Milanese countryside for a lingerie photoshoot. The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s clothing line”.

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At panel Fiorella and Lorena are praised and so is Gilda for toning her sexyness down. The girls reach episoxe Aldo Coppola hair salon and receive their makeovers.

Not a nice comment for the top two. It actually ended well for once. Carol says she’s bored and therefor she also leaves the room.

Diletta is reprimanded for her heavy walk, and so is Marianna for not having overall control of her movements.