Dans cette saison, l’actrice Daniela Ruah Kensi Blye est enceinte. Season 9 Extras by Language Nerd reviews Season 9 scenes I imagine would have happened during or after the episodes. Retrieved October 18, This time, that someone happens to be his mom. A Chance to Dance by LostForeverInHisEyes reviews The potential was there once but tragedy got in the way and made a future too painful to contemplate. The season contained 24 episodes. The eighth season of NCIS:

Season 9 Extras by Language Nerd reviews Season 9 scenes I imagine would have happened during or after the episodes. After Michelle’s death, Sam goes off on his own to avenge her death and end Tahir Khaled once and for all. Retrieved June 5, Retrieved January 10, He Crossed the Line by countrygirluk56 reviews What happens to the professional relationship between Callen and Nate following the latter’s actions in an undercover operation? Retrieved February 22, LA and Madam Secretary adjust up: LA , Madam Secretary and 60 Minutes adjust up:

Callen’s case is solved with help from LaSalle and Torres.

Views Read Edit View history. Titre original Old Tricks trad.

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LA’ and ‘Time After Time,’ adjust up: Change of Perspective by Language Nerd reviews “I should have told you sooner. Deeks receives some surprising news from Detective Whiting about his IA case. Thanks for letting agneles have fun with them in our stories Rated: Retrieved February 22, Pendant ce temps, Hetty interrompt une nuit romantique entre Ncis los angeles saison 1 episode 8 vf et Anna pour leur assigner une mission d’escorte d’un prisonnier.

Los Angeles finale adjusts up: After saiskn Homeland Security agent is poisoned, the team’s investigation leads them on the path of a Triad assassin and a possible traitor.

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While Anna partners with Nell on the case, Deeks tries to help Kensi deal with the extensive therapy required for her recovery. While investigating episose failed break-in, the team discovers that the man responsible for stopping the break-in is more than he seems – and that he is a former Mossad agent targeted by a rogue comrade.

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Titre original The Queen’s Gambit trad. This is the final appearance of Owen Granger due to Miguel Ferrer’s death. Pins, Bullets and Journals by knirbenrots reviews Digging into a case that demands Callen’s presence make Eric and Nell realize how dangerous it may be. Perspectives by FireFlower88 reviews What happens when Moseley epidode through on her threat to break up the teams?

Almost everyone still works at OSP in their current positions with one big exception. LA’ and ‘Madam Secretary’ adjust down: Granger is said to have left the hospital and the team to “tend to some old business” and an ncis los angeles saison 1 episode 8 vf memoriam slide for Ferrer is displayed before the loa credits.

The team goes on the chase for a Navy analyst being held hostage, only to discover things aren’t as simple as they seem.

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Retrieved November 1, Send me a prompt to go with a bingo card square! After being tortured Deeks hands in his badge, leaving not just the police but LA completely. This is the story of what he discovers and how he finds his way back home, and exactly what that home truly is.

He is on his own as Max Gentry, and the team is forbidden to help him.

When a veteran kidnaps a corrupt VA administrator, the team must work with old friends of Hetty’s, one of which being A. While in custody, Granger saixon stabbed by an unknown assailant. Characters Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 ” Boom Boom ” theme song.

Titre original Belly of the Beast trad.

T – English – Angst – Chapters: On the day Undersecretary Duggan comes for Hetty’s resignation, the team finds itself short-handed as Granger, Deeks, Sam, and Callen are arrested for planted evidence.

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