To view any of the daily recaps here, simply locate the week that you want to review. Season 31, Episode June 15, Deacon learned from Mexico City authorities that Ricardo could have been poisoned. Soap veteran Donna Mills opens “magical” vineyard. Deacon put his heart on the line and asked Brooke to marry him. Thomas works on a drawing of Caroline.

Xander Avant arrives in Los Angeles and quickly must defend himself to his Uncle Julius; Wyatt and Katie share a bittersweet moment while discussing their secret relationship. Tristan Rogers is returning Katie revealed the news to Brooke, who laughed at Katie’s cute little crush. Edit My Account Settings. The high-glam soap about L. Breathe, they’re not married yet. Don Diamont Bill Spencer. Aly is skulking around, clearly upset about the show.

On the wedding day, Bill got drunk and restrained himself from storming the ceremony.

Anders Hove brings trouble back to GH. Hope wasn’t ready to take that step but hoped he’d ask again someday. Click here for the complete recap of this week April 21 to 25, Hope’s negative pregnancy test made Liam realize that he had to act before he lost Hope for good.

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Later, Eric tells Quinn how impressed he is eisodes the bold and the beautiful full episodes august 2014 work and she sympathizes with him about his situation with his aguust, Rick and Ridge.

Justin arrives at Forrester to intervene, and Hope puts Maya in her place after Maya fires Emma in haste; Wyatt convinces Sally to stick around and not give up on her dreams. Character profiles Cast and credits About the Actors: Thomas teases Caroline about dating his father. Brooke hints to Zende that perhaps Ridge and Caroline aren’t truly meant for one another. Rick escalated pressure on Eric to sign the absolute power of Forrester over to Rick.

Wyatt sneaked onto the Forrester property to congratulate Hope about Ridge’s return, and Liam spotted the two hugging.

As Oliver warned Thorne against the teh, Taylor broke the news to Aly. General Hospital releases 15 episodes chronicling Jason and Sam’s love story. Sally Spectra makes a shocking revelation to Wyatt when they run into one another at the Bikini Bar; after sharing a tender moment, Liam makes a new proposal of marriage to the woman he loves.

Ridge was confused due to the concussion he’d suffered. Kirsten Storms addresses rumors that she’s exiting General Hospital. Wyatt trusted Hope to make her own decision, and at the last minute, Hope arrived for dinner.

As Caroline contemplated giving up on Rick, Rick approached her to ask for forgiveness. Quinn followed Liam and Ivy to Paris and pursued them as they ran through the Parisian streets to get to Hope on time. Season 31, Episode June 22, GH alum Jensen Buchanan back to jail after allegedly violating her probation.

Thomas makes an announcement to Ridge and Caroline about his future career plans.

Tamara Braun on her new Lifetime film and GH character. Ready Player One 6. Victoria Rowell’s The Rich and the Ruthless sets season two premiere date. Katie told Ridge that they couldn’t stop Brooke and Bill, but Ridge continued to try to talk Brooke out of it marrying Bill. General Hospital storyline gets unexpected national news coverage. At their loft, Wyatt met up with Quinn, who’d left therapy too quickly for his taste, and he received a call that a The bold and the beautiful full episodes august 2014 City police lieutenant wanted to meet to discuss Ricardo Montemayor’s possible murder.

Ridge beaugiful out Katie to try to understand what had happened with Brooke and Thw, and Ridge admitted that he was having a hard time reuniting with Brooke because it meant condoning her past actions with Bill.

Justin and Bill worried about beatiful Ridge might remember about the fall. Liam and Hope convinced Wyatt to talk to Quinn, but when Wyatt arrived at the warehouse, he the bold and the beautiful full episodes august 2014 from Deacon that Quinn had left with a custom-made sword.

Robert Palmer Watkins film releases first teaser trailer. GH’s Carolyn Hennesy lands high-power guest role on Suits. Marci Miller wraps up her time as Days of our Lives’ Abigail.

Rick was devastated to learn that Caroline and Ridge had shared intimate moments together and that Eric had chosen Ridge over Rick. Hope pushes back on Eric’s decision to hire Sally Spectra to work hte the Hope for beatuiful Future line; Katie is stunned to hear from Thorne that Wyatt has moved on with Sally.

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Ivy asked Liam if he wanted to be with Hope. Quinn shared Ridge’s discontent and contemplated sharing the sexy photo of her and Bill with Ridge. Caroline was livid with Maya for going after Rick. Bill loved both sons but expressed that Wyatt needed him more because Quinn had raised him. Brooke declined Deacon’s marriage proposal.

To force Katie’s compliance, Brooke revealed that she hadn’t destroyed the papers that would legally reinstate Bill as CEO and grant him equal custody of Will.