No pressure or anything. Lots of great moments, and great acting here, as we head into the final dramatic arc. I can understand what he says, that Jae-shin is merely toying with him and will get tired of him in due time. That is why this drama is so great- you have to put your thinking cap to really appreciate the story. Secretary Eun checks his phone and sees a text from Shi Kyung telling him to answer his calls because the Queen Mother and Hang Ah have been kidnapped for over a day now and there has been no communication with them. He tells Shi Kyung to inform the Prime Minister but keep this news from leaking out. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

They placed him in a royal family establish school for him to raise himself. Bong Goo leaves and walks past Shi Kyung on his way out, both of them staring at each other for an extra moment. Jae Ha asks why she is saying this? Ra Eun Ho Kim Se Jung adalah siswa ceria yang merupakan salah satu siswa berprestasi rendah di sekolahnya. The King 2 Hearts Favorite. I don’t care how much older she is. Am thirsting for blood I was crying with him.

Jae-ha gets briefed that there are no ransom demands, and the two accomplices have been killed.

This is my 4th HJW drama and I feel their chemistry truly 22 her previous pairings. They placed him in a royal family establish school for him to raise himself. I was getting a heart attack!!! Jea Ha agreed to keep Cruella’s secret, I believe, soley to keep his friend’s belief in his world intact, and because of that earnest belief Shi Kyung won’t believe that Jae Ha is so shallow. I loooovee this drama.

Do what I do.

Apparently their original hotel just had a bomb threat. She had to have been beside herself. Shi-kyung pleads with him to stop—this is exactly what they want, for kimg to go crazy and out of control. It was just Kang Maestro style!

Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. And having characters that we can truly root for and care about, through thick and thin. You echo my thoughts exactly. The king 2 hearts episode 16 pelangi drama May 10, at And then when he just felt like giving up, and earnest, eyes brimming with tears. Once his beloved Hang Ah and his mother were kidnapped, I felt like someone held a knife to his throat and every moment thereafter Jae Ha was living his life in a precipice.

I hope someone got fired over this. I stopped the video and cried, then restarted then stopped and cried again. Make a wax figurine of Kim Hang Ah offering lap pillows.

From him resting in Hang-ah’s lap holding lelangi her hand in a fetal position to his “Andwe omma!!

Then Earnest Bot could have been doling out hugs to both of them. Bon Bon asks if Hang Ah wants to go quietly with them, or go as a corpse. Can we have some skinship for our fab second leads?

The King 2 Hearts Episode 16 Recap

Nevertheless, Really hooked into this drama. Since when did being emotionally spent and one’s heart being ripped from her chest and thereafter being stomped on thoroughly feel THIS good — when the acting moves one to tears and after a crying jag one feels refreshed – it was almost a cathartic experience!!

Instead she goes to call to make sure there is supposed to be a delivery. That john mayer was hearfs evil. Yay for the return of life and death stakes the king 2 hearts episode 16 pelangi drama heroic moments for everyone. Look who graduated from amoeba in the final stretch.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 16 Recap – A Koala’s Playground

Really gets to you such that you can feel her pain. Shi-kyung has no words to make it right. Osi May 11, at 7: She sang that song to him just once, so how did he remember it? Jae Ha is shocked when Shi Kyung tells him and immediately gets out of bed. He turns on the TV in front of her and we see The king 2 hearts episode 16 pelangi drama preparing to give Mom a haircut.

Jae Ha asks what Bong Goo wants? Cried a bucket everytime Jae Ha cried. He can do a villain role too.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea

Yes, with her glare in the end of ep 16, I think HA has a plan. Your email address will not be published. He cannot risk waiting for his intelligence network to locate the ladies, and then risk a rescue operation. Clearly, here is our dear King’s two hearts laid out plain and simple.