Emily and Michelle discuss if whether or not they will do the challenge. Then Amanda tells Kate to check Emily’s bag so she does and the key that opens the box is in there. Season 3, Episode 24 October 30, The Widow won’t take no for an answer and draws her sword. An email has been sent with instructions for resetting your password. James sees Riley there with Charlie and he gets extremely uncomfortable and sad. The team goes to the restaurant Chloe works in to give her huge tips, in which she uses to pay for A-Troupe.

Hunter decides to tell funny stories to Emily which makes her laugh and they try on costumes and dance together. Michelle and Stephanie agree to create a new Regionals routine as Emily might share A-Troupes ideas with the people at Elite. Riley and James start talking, and he says that it’s hard breaking up with Beth and continues with her second idea on her list which is reading her diary in front of everyone in Culture Shock. The new Elite members are having a hard time adjusting to life in A-Troupe, as well as Noah. James plans a surprise for Riley for when she gets her braces off, which is giving her corn on the cob. Stephanie is helping Michelle and Riley comes in asking to rehearse and exclaims that Miss Kate chose her to represent The Next Step for the female solo round and Michelle cries again.

They give her muffins and say goodbye to her. Episodrs internationals letter arrives and Ella and Riley put a note in the envelope telling the team that they need to learn a square dance. Eldon is forced to face Daniel during Nationals’ male soloist dance. He tells her to create a list of things she wants him to do and he will do them.

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A-Troupe assembles a dance battle with “Seeds”, West’s dance crew. Riley and Emily come up with a plan so that they can show everyone that Amanda is a double-agent.

But later Kate begs her to audition for the female solo and Michelle accepts it. Everyone episodss that Richelle was the reason they kept the spot, but she really wasn’t. Sunny kills the first two, then reveals a row of spikes alongside Henry’s crib to impale the head the next step full episodes season 3 episode 1 the third. Miss Kate is very proud of her and says she is following her dream and will miss her a lot.

The Next Step goes to the Trio competition.

West tells Episodde that if she doesn’t take the job offer, she would be letting down the next step. The team prepares to leave for Regionals. It is time for the boys to perform their small group dance but James still has to decide whether or not on include the B-Twist in the dance.

After Riley pulls James aside and apologizes for yelling at him. Hunter is practicing his Nationals solo, when Emily enters and inquires about his date with Michelle. Everyone is buzzing and all joyful. seson

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The next step full episodes season 3 episode 1 wedding is a huge success and him and Riley have a lot of fun. Now that Alfie is back, the team is able to compete in the Regionals final. Meanwhile, Eldon takes Emily on a date, but Emily doesn’t like the food he brings, so they decide to talk. First on the list is sexson break up with Beth. Later, Riley and James talk about their relationship and James says that he will win Riley back, while Kate makes Amanda dance captain.

Meanwhile, Riley must temporarily become a epixode to pay off a meal she couldn’t afford. Then, West dares Stephanie to order a juice with Tiffany being the hands.

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When Amanda wins, she is the seventh dancer to win and the ownership of The Next Step is decided. The dancers learn that they will have to perform a dance blindfolded for the second round of Internationals. Noah deliberately misses a rehearsal so he can rest his nect injured back. The Next Step is very worried. Eldon panics when he loses his lucky coin before a big competition. Meanwhile, Emily encourages Hunter to try to make it up to the boys.

The small group auditions now starts. episkde

the next step full episodes season 3 episode 1 Eventually James tells Kate he can’t dance the solo anymore and Kate understands so she tries to give it to West, who refuses it. The boys are trying to drink raw egg but they all can’t do it but Ella comes up and pours all 6 into a glass and drinks them.

Michelle contemplates returning to Madison with her mom after talking to Hunter on video chat. You will no longer have access to your profile. Meanwhile, Giselle, Thalia and Amanda are practicing a trio to be prepared for internationals, but Amanda has to go to help her mom.

West receives a mysterious package from London, England, which leads to a big surprise for the bros. James gets pulled out of the studio but Michelle convinces James’ mom that he focuses on his studies for two weeks to improve his grades in Math with the help from the team.

Emily is outraged that her sister betrayed her, and the E-Girls vote to kick Riley out of their clique. Until West starts dancing in front of James, James starts dancing in response meaning West has won his respect. Unique browsers to the CBBC website currently stand at overper week.

Luckily, Phoebe is in Kate’s office but that does not stop Amanda from stealing the key. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use eplsodes Privacy Policy. Season 3, Episode 20 October 2, Chris tells Kate he is leaving The Next Step to become co-owner of a rival dance studio. James admits to having feelings for Riley in an interview while Riley denies it, by the end of the episod you can see that Riley is starting to develop some feelings for James after James gets an autograph from the band as a gift for Riley.

The episode ends with the boys, who now have a great routine for Nationals, and the girls, who are friends again, all dancing and having a great time. Alfie tells Riley that he loves xtep and Riley confesses that she loves him too but refuses to go on a date because she prefers James. Kate grows impatient and tells him to get to the point.

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Thalia and Giselle find Kate and tell her about their plan. Your existing password has not been changed. Nix notices Castor’s eyes temporarily return to normal during the fight. Meanwhile, Riley assists James in finding a suit for his aunt’s wedding; and another member of A-Troupe exits. She finds him at Culture Shock and asks if he wants to go see the same concert that he and Michelle are already going to.

After, he knows he’s in love with Rpisodes.