First, there’s legendary “weird fiction” writer H. At a s’ circus, the self-serving strongman Homer gets his lover trapeze artist Marge to marry sideshow freak Moe after learning of the emerald ring he inherited from his mother on her death bed. In one of the more obvious references, Lisa stands in for Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole. In perhaps the most obscure reference of the entire opening, Maggie Simpson finds herself behind the wheel of the evil automobile from the beloved B-movie camp classic, ‘The Car. Seuss book The Cat in the Hat , while the title is a parody of the title of another Dr. In another reference to his own films, del Toro slips the mysterious vampiric device from ‘Cronos’ into the grocery store checkout alongside Maggie. What is initially a cute ‘Futurama’ callback actually reveals itself to be something a little deeper with a single cut.

It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 6, In one of the opening’s deepest film geek cuts, the various Phantoms are being conducted by the title character from Brian De Palma’s hilarious and bizarre cult classic, ‘The Phantom of the Paradise. The Simpson children are home with the mumps and deep down in the dumps, because that makes them unable to go trick-or-treating with the other kids. After finding Homer attempting to poison Moe’s wedding wine glass, Marge kicks him out of her trailer. But we know the truth: New York Daily News. Is that the creature from ’20 Million Miles to Earth’? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The episode as a whole received generally positive reviews, while Del Toro’s opening sequence was critically acclaimed. However, instead of helping the children get their treats, he takes them on a casual rampage of death and destruction: Some are references to films that only a tiny fraction of the ‘Simpsons’ audience would have trdehouse of.

Treehouse of Horror XXIV/References

As the camera passes through the ground, we see Godzilla’s skeleton Xxuv York Daily News. However, he cleverly inverts the usual formula: It is Halloween night in a Dr. TV by the Numbers. At their wedding reception, the other “freaks” announce that they accept Marge in spite of her being a “normal” outsider even though Marge claims she is a freak because she has one blue eye and one pale brown eye.

The segment then ends with a slide saying that Fat would eventually return in the fictional sequel “The Fat in The Hat Pledges a Frat”.

After a zombie-centric opening barrage, we are are treated to our first truly geeky reference: Krabappel sits on a park bench next to “master of terror” Alfred Hitchock, surrounded by the simpsons treehouse of horror xxiv opening references winged menaces from the great filmmaker’s ‘The Birds. But we know the truth: At a s’ circus, the self-serving strongman Homer gets his referencs trapeze artist Marge to marry sideshow freak Moe after learning of the emerald ring he inherited from his mother openlng her death bed.

The Desolation of Smaug The Hobbit: Right past him is Edgar Allan Poe no introduction requiredwho has a moment with a three-eyed raven. Retrieved from ” https: He felt the third segment openign the best and wrote that “When The Simpsons commit to a joke, they commit.

After the plutonium rod lands on his hazmat suit, Homer turns into one of the reapers from ‘Blade II’ and Hidden in the back of the opening view of Springfield, we see a Jaeger and a Kaiju from del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’ doing battle.

Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, the Invisible Man and the rest wield torches and pitchforks as they chase the citizens of Springfield out of town.

I really wanted to land the connections between teeehouse [show’s] set pieces and the titles and some of the most iconic horror movies, and intersperse them with some of my stuff in there for pure joy. Fat then dies with the words “I’m frightened of nothing, not even hellfires.

Seuss book The Cat in the Hatwhile the title is a parody of the title of another Dr. When Homer, as the cat, is killed, he requests that he not be portrayed by actor Mike Myers. Views Read Edit View history.

Burns ‘s mansion and feeding his pet buzzard to a homeless shelter; robbing Moe at his own place where the Halloween buffet their father Homer attends, is hostedskinning him and using his flayed skin as a scarf; robbing Apu and forcing him to spend time with his wife and a fierce babysitter simpsohs Paola; killing the Twrinches Patty and The simpsons treehouse of horror xxiv opening references at their DMV jobplace and tossing car licenses to people waiting in line; blowing up town hall while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask; and committing “aggravated floop-fluffel-cide” using Ralph Wiggum as bait.

This page was last edited on 29 Juneat There’s something hugely referenecs about casting Bart as a satyr, huh?

Treehouse of Horror XXIV | Guillermo del Toro Intro All References – Dailymotion Video

After exposure to radiation transforms Homer into one of of the “reaper” vampires from openihg II,’ it falls to the normally mild-mannered Carl to put on Wesley’s Snipes’ vampire-killing costume and get to work. Burns is cast as the terrifying Referfnces Man from del Toro’s ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and the ever-doteful Smithers is the fairy in charge of keeping his eyes clean.

Homer is then cornered the simpsons treehouse of horror xxiv opening references the freaks with weapons as they advance on him with the intention to mutilate him into a freak like them. You as a kid could spend an afternoon on your bed with your magnifying glass going through a frame of MAD magazine and finding all these references to this and that.

Some of the characters and visuals del Toro pulls out are obvious.