Caroline ends up with Klaus as her date and Matt – with Rebekah. Want to talk about your feelings? Matt agrees to take a trip with Rebekah. She uses vampire blood to cure people and starts dating Alaric. Tyler tries to rescue Caroline , who is being tortured by her father, who believes he can change her urge to feed on blood by burning her in sunlight every time she feels the urge. In other projects Wikiquote.

Stefan lures Finn out of the bar where he was having tequila with Sage, and fails to stake him, but Elena and Matt manage to use Matt’s stake to kill Finn. I intend to be your last. Klaus is waiting to abduct Elena, but he flees when Damon tells him that Mikael is coming. At the mansion, Rebekah manipulates Damon’s hallucinations so he believes he and Elena are about to kiss after she saves Damon and urges him to drink her blood to recover. From the writings on the cave wall, he deciphers that Mikael is ‘Papa Original’, as Damon puts it, the father of Elijah, Rebekah and their other siblings. Rebekah MikaeIson wall contribs. Sign In Don’t have an account? I have loved you, Vampire Diaries.

Elena woke up again in present day, and Matt was on Elena duty. Klaus finds out that Elena’s blood is needed to create more hybrids.

The Vampire Diaries Synopsis For Season 4, Episode 23: “Graduation” [UPDATE]

Original Sin promo Years of Solitude promo. In a vision he sees her, and she tells him she can come back to seasn and has a message for Bonnie.

Retrieved from ” http: Caroline is thrilled when Tyler returns to town, but Tyler soon suspects that something has been going on between Caroline and Klaus, when he finds the picture Klaus drew for Caroline.

Alaric finds an unexpected ally, Esther, to guide him on his dangerous new path of killing vampires, while Damon and Meredith try to figure out what their next move should be to bring the real Alaric back from his alter-ego form. Retrieved May 16, The third season consisted of 22 episodes and focused on the story of Klaus ‘ origin, his relation with his family and reveal more about the original family.

With help from Elena and Bonnie, Alaric tries seasln decipher the meaning behind the vampire diaries season 3 episode 23 promo recent discovery. Alaric attacks Meredith, but luckily Stefan and Elena arrive in time.

We need a no crying rule. Never Say Never The Fray.

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Archived from the original on June 17, Plan B Promo [29]. A senior prank night takes a diagies turn when Klaus finds out that Elena is still alive.

Impending death, you guys. His ring brings him back to life but doesn’t heal him; he needs vampire blood to heal him.

The Vampire Diaries Synopsis For Season 4, Episode “Graduation” [UPDATE]

Bonnie learns about the ghosts and tries to send them away but instead gives them physical form. Joseph Morgan ‘s character Klaus became a series regular instead of returning as a recurring character.

Elena and her friends begin their senior year of high school and she remembers that it has been one year since she met Stefan. Retrieved May 24, Archived from the original on November 20, The Five Promo [50]. We’re Planning a June Wedding Promo. Abby warns Bonnie that this will make her subject to temptation she might not be able to resist.

Mikael wakes up and bites Katherine. Theme Song Know it? Retrieved October 21, Official ITV2 Trailer [18]. Live Through This Promo. Fell, who is in the middle of episofe argument with her ex-boyfriend, the medical examiner. Explore Wikis Community Central.

The season also has an focus on how the Original family of vampires came to be vampires by their father, Michael Mikaelson, asking Esther to make them stronger than their neighbors who were werewolves. The Turning Point Promo [11].