The teams have to make a dish out of cactus and put it on their menu and be judged by a local judge, Beau MacMillan. Stick Em’ Up won immunity this week so they moved on to the next city. They are eliminated in week 1 in Los Angeles, California after clipping two food trucks and having to pay for repairs. The teams are required to go dig up their own potatoes and then reopen their trucks as a potato truck. Military Moms was eliminated in week three in Austin, Texas after picking a bad location and not pushing sales. However, they were eliminated in the final week in New York. The winners of the hot dog challenge are Grilled Cheese All-Stars.

The team’s theme is eclectic Southern Fusion cooking, with dishes such as Italian-inspired pimento grilled cheese and French Canadian-inspired Southern poutine. Aloha Plate , 1st Runner Up: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. Cote De Pablo 3. A pair of judges determined who created the best overall meal. The teams are invited to OstrichLand USA for an egg hunt wherein they each have to find one egg that’s dyed a specific color related to their team.

The teams must make a dish featuring an Ohio locally-grown beefsteak tomato, judged by Outback Steakhouse founder, J.

Waffle Love is from Provo, Utah and serves waffle dishes. The teams are invited to OstrichLand USA for an egg hunt wherein they each have to find one egg that’s dyed a specific color related to their team.

The first team to arrive wins immunity and the other teams that complete the challenge by 8: The teams had their cell phones taken away from them and were required to have roadside attractions to market their trucks instead of utilizing social media.

Chef Susan Spicer will go to each food truck and try their special dishes and choose the best one. The teams must move from their current locations and move to a local folk festival, where watch food truck race season 3 episode 3 entire street has been blocked off and all trucks will sell adjacent to each other.

The Great Food Truck Race – Season 3, Episode 3: Even Food Trucks Are Bigger in Texas –

They were eliminated in week 3 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The teams were required to remove all items containing starch awtch their trucks and donate them. Bowled and Beautiful was eliminated in week four in Rapid City, South Dakota after a poor location choice on the first day of sales ending up putting them behind on day two. Nana Queens — Banana pudding and chicken wings are the specialty of this team from Compton, Californiawhich attracts people by having someone dressed up in a banana costume.

They were eliminated week 5 in Tulsa, Oklahoma for not attracting enough watch food truck race season 3 episode 3 with their roadside attraction. Ready Player One 6. Po’ Boys are paired with Papi Chulo’s Empanadas. There was an early watch food truck race season 3 episode 3 fire challenge instead which consisted of the teams competing to get the most in sales from their signature dish. The other three teams had to work together to fillet lbs of catfish before they were allowed to start selling again.

Beach Cruiser is from Venice, California and serves authentic, fresh California cuisine dishes. The “Speed Bump” and “Truck Stop” challenges are no longer identified as such, but there’s still at least one inter-truck competition in each episode. Braised in the South and Southern Frenchie both won money towards their till because it was a team challenge.

Laura San Giacomo 5. Rce were eliminated in week 4 in Nashville, Tennessee. The other teams could purchase it with seed money. The winning teams are Braised in the South and Seaason Frenchie.

This season’s theme is “Family Face-off”. The teams must make a “New England Style” dish featuring lobster. Ragin’ Cajun — Using generations old family recipes, this team hails from Lafayette, Louisiana and they specialize in Cajun food.

Each truck must make a family recipe dish using their three collected ostrich eggs. The trio serve up southern watchh, with an emphasis on BBQ.

Spicy Showdown in Santa Fe

They serve comfort food. The team that makes the most money each week receives plane tickets and hotel accommodations to return to that week’s city, courtesy of sponsor Orbitz.

They were the runners-up in week 6, in Savannah, Georgia. A speed bump is a challenge that requires all the teams to watch food truck race season 3 episode 3 a sudden, unpleasant twist in a creative way. Dollar amounts for Madres Mexican Meals were not announced. They had to create an extra steak dish to sell.

Inspired by the Cabazon Dinosaurs roadside attraction, the three teams are challenged to become human roadside trucck for their food trucks. The key to their trucks are under one plate and if there’s no key under one, they have to eat the funnel cake and choose another plate. Seoul Sausage is from Los Angeles and serves Korean-style burgers and kimchi-fried-rice-balls. The seven remaining trucks arrive in Flagstaff, Watch food truck race season 3 episode 3.

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The teams must create a special dish on their menu out of Spam. The winners are Braised in the Southand their prize is the ability to shut down both their competitors for one hour at any point during their time in Georgia.

Let There Be Bacon is from Cleveland and serves bacon-inspired dishes. The trucks were required to make a dish using sausage that they made themselves and five ingredients from an ingredient table.