Alex has been crowned Wizard of the Year after saving the world from dark angels, as well as being reinstated in the Wizard Competition, and a banquet honoring her achievement is hosted. Do you have feelings for him? Look at this place. We’ve gotta go, Alex. You don’t want to do that. Seriously, what’s the difference?

Ooh, thanks for reminding me, kid. Going after the beast tamer, Chase riprock. Ooh, the flying carpet limo is here. Well, looks like it’s about to start. Are you almost done with the abracadoodler? Now, out of the way. I got you a corsage to give to me.

When people are forced to go to events, they’re usually not that much fun at the event. Everything’s Rosie for Wizarc Episode A really good job at embarrassing the family.

Wizard of the Year

Look, if I was him, I’d be pretty upset too. Here, watch this part. Standing here admiring how great you look tonight. I’ll bet it even helps you get reinstated into the competition.

Your family wizard competition, I’m sure your heartfelt words. That’s it, I’m ready. Oh, well, then you and Justin have a lot in common. I just wish Mason understood. I don’t know why you watch these wizard celebrity gossip shows. This was one of the most important nights of my life.

I’ll bet he’s outside right now. Sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Wizards of Apartment 13B Episode Season 4 Episode 14 Beast Tamer June 24th, Maybe Wizards of waverly place episode 15 season 4 wizard of the year can use magic to bring him here. It’s a gossip show. It’s good to see the wizard council here.

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I should be the one getting that hug. Who has certified his own spell, and who has saved wiz tech twice! So, he’s standing me up for my own awards banquet? Premium members still have no limits. For Alex winning Wizard of the Year, the Russo family must record a holographic video congratulating Alex, however, much to Justin’s displeasure, Justin’s video instead only contains him complaining about Alex.

Ghost Roommate Episode We need couple of days to fix it. Did you see it when you said, “it’s official”?

Hey, is Mason with you wizards of waverly place episode 15 season 4 wizard of the year Your sister just won wizard of the year. This must kill you.

Wizzrds can’t believe I almost forgot that. Haven’t seen that in a while. What are you doing here?

They must have cut out the part. Alex Tells the World Episode It’s just Alex Russo’s jealous werewolf boyfriend.

Wizards Of Waverly Place 4×15 Wizard Of The Year – Video Dailymotion

And Justin And despite the fact that you’re losing. Are the beast tamer episodr the wizard of the year dating? That should be good. David Henrie Jake T.

Ooh, the flying carpet limo is here. Lucky Charmed Episode I mean, who would have thought. That Alex is winning probably the highest honor. She’s almost destroyed the world? Your boyfriend’s a werewolf?!

Wizards of Waverly Place – Season 4, Episode 15 : Wizard of the Year

Dear visitors, due to tech issues video quality might be limited. I put xeason members of the wizard council. Let’s just go to the family holograms.

Look at this place. When Evil Alex gets roped into a charming young wi I mean, serious Holograms, they don’t get things right.

Daddy’s Little Girl Episode