He asks about his baby, is it fine. Prateek and Abhishek talk to Shagun. He says listen and holds her hand. Karthika 28th Dec – 9: Darshika Nathashi Senadheera 16th Dec – Bhalla family looks on. Love Divyanka and Karan. He asks her to smile.

Diya 28th Dec – 4: Raman is angry on Ishita and taunt both the ladies , he is deeply hurt and shuts himself in the room. Raman who has known about Ashok and shouts on him for accusing Ishita. Raman says you are so stubborn, I feel bad to beat you every time. Ashok says Ishita knew this truth and still hidden it. Ishitha only to suffer. The informer reveals face. Sign in Recover your password.

She says I went to give food to Raman, Asha called. Acting and expressions are too good. He sees the burqa clad lady holding a knife. He gets a call and goes.

Vandu says we will buy chocolates, how are your friends to ask for gifts. Ashok asks them to get lost. Pinky 16th Dec – 1: She says you claim that you love me and how can you forget my birthday, you will get your fav food. Ishita says Ashok has gone e;isode.

Just let her the reason which led to all these naathak. They all get shocked. Pani — a story we wish were true — part You should know all this … Still. I think that servant lady is the spy.

But now Ishu Has to go through some more torment just to prove a point to Raman…. Sarika quietly leaves and informs Ashok. She asks Ishita to tell them, but whats the proof, no one will written episode yeh hai mohabbatein 28 december 2015 her after all her drama. Im sorry rith I didnt understand what u have written bt I feel that mohabbayein said thancs to all the people who comment u saying that u are good.

Roselyn Dada 15th Dec – Ishita says wait, and sees pics. I really miss Ishru in this show — ishru and Ishraru are the heart of YHM but it seems like the writers have forgotten this!!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Bhalla… Ishra part was nice… But as usual their phones…. Jhanvi 7th Dec – Welcome, Login to your account. Sign in Recover your password. Previous Page 2 of 2. He says Ishita told Adi that his mother is dead, what did she get.

We have to understand his point of view.

Sarika shuts the door on her face. He says Ishita would have some reason to do all this. He feels as if he is cheated. Mrs Iyyer and Bala written episode yeh hai mohabbatein 28 december 2015 Ishita for turning bad but Ishita wants to just save family members from Ashok that is why she took this drastic step. Whatever said and done from surrogancy part onwards the twist was bad. She complains them on Domestic Violence and makes them Arrest including Neelu.

Ishita goes near the lake and calls out Shagun.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Darshika Nathashi Senadheera 30th Dec – 4: He asks Ishita and Abhishek to see everyone. The family gets shocked. Sakshi 10th Dec – 5: Shagun asks her to give her hand. She calls him a loser and asks him to prove himself. I feel like separation.

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Bhalla calls out Ishita. Appa asks Amma not to worry. Varsha 20th Dec – 9: She asks whats the problem. Bhalla and Amma about Shagun, she had knife in hand and wanted to kill her.

He holds her hand and takes her.